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We are now accepting pre-orders for the band’s copies of the Mausoleum / Anatomia Split 12″.  Our units have already shipped and we will have them ready to ship in a few weeks. Updates soon!


“Nyctophilia,” their unholy offering unto the twelve split inches of savage low-end cacophony with those morbid death-mongers from Japan, ANATOMIA. For it, the Pennsylvania doom-horde has conjured four hymns of its infamous “Zombiecult Death Metal”: “Voices from Beyond” (based on the 1991 film from that Italian Godfather of Gore, Lucio Fulci), “Shadows on the Grave,” “Shrieks of Fright,” and “The Dark Abysmal.” And now joining those undead iron tyrants from Johnstown, Pennsylvania – vocalist and guitarist Craig Stiles, guitarist Adam Kegg, and bassist Rob Yench – is underground veteran Chris “Warhead” Demydenko from the nuclear wasteland of New Jersey, whose infernal cruel hammering for the ancient black metal cult of ABAZAGORATH is notorious. And so with this new covenant thus founded, the hideous death squad of MAUSOLEUM has returned from the grave to spread its accursed down-tuned plague across this unsuspecting world once more. Adorned with macabre artwork from Mosaeye Art & Design, “Nyctophilia” is the first new loathsomeness from the zombie overlords in five years and serves as a grotesque stomach-churning appetizer for their third full-length atrocity, both to be unleashed through Behind the Mountain Records of Poland. And so abandon all hope … Worship before the altar of Zombiecult Death Metal!

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Pre-order just started, at Behind The Mountain Records!

As always ONLY in Pre-Order option – combo pack (records + T-shirts).
Press info: 500 copies: 100 copies on Creeping Fog color vinyl + 400 copies on Black vinyl

Zombiecult Death Meta is back, the uncrowned kings of this profession entered the studio for the first time in 12 years! Mausoleum returned from beyond the grave …
This material is the best they have ever spit out, and it can be calmly treated as a preview of a new full album (!).
Pure cult and a bloody feast for Impetigo, Autopsy, and Mortician fans.

Anatomia doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, they are the “definition” of a death-doom …This material is even more disgusting, dirty, and musty than anything they’ve served so far. In less than 20 minutes, Takashi Tanaka takes us on a journey somewhere from a forgotten, foggy necropolis, deep into the damp and rotten corners of the crypt, where “something” terrifying lurks … Cult!

Taste it:

There is also the option to buy this treasure (in the preorder) on the BTM label Bandcamp profile.

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The pre-order for new split will start in the first days of September.

12″ split of two legends.
Mausoleum (!) true kings of Zombiecult death metal are back! This is undoubtedly their best material and a foretaste of the new album!
Anatomia on this record is darker and deeper than ever before. Journey deep into the crypt.
Check out the first two songs from the upcoming 12″ split
There will be a beautiful color of vinyl, stylish t-shirts … the smell of decay and creeping death guaranteed!